What We Do

His Heart Ministry Training was founded in 2009 by Vicky Legge with an original focus on equipping and resourcing churches and community organisations to better support single parents and those experiencing the end of a relationship. The focus has now broadened to promoting wellbeing in all areas of life. The workshops and resources are designed to equip individuals/communities in the support and encouragement of others, or to motivate self-care strategies for sustaining the supporting role.

All workshops and resources are available with Christian content for use in Christian Churches and with people with a Christian faith. They have a Biblical underpinning to the material, explore how to outwork God’s compassion to care for others, and promote the faith life of participants.

For use in community settings all training workshops and most resources are available without any Christian content.

Current courses/workshops

To promote wellbeing in others:

  • Understanding Loss and Grief: equipping with knowledge and skills to support those experiencing loss and its ensuring grief
  • Singles Friendly Church: equipping churches to understand the needs and strengths of singles, and strategies for the inclusion of singles
  • Strengthening Single Parent Families: equipping churches with knowledge and practical ways to support and strengthen single parent families.
  • Facilitating Small Groups : provides knowledge and skills in facilitating small groups
  • Chronic condition management: equipping to support individuals living with chronic illness or disability
  • Facilitating New Life in the Mourning: Training to facilitate the 4 session New Life in the Mourning course to promote healing and recovery of hope in those experiencing the end of a relationship

To promote the supporter’s wellbeing:

On-line courses

  • Restoring Balance: comprehensive, self-paced course teaches how to avoid burnout, restore balance and move toward an abundant life a

Current resources

  • New Life in the Mourning: to promote healing and recovery of hope in those experiencing the end of a relationship
  • One Together: to encourage single parents to be their best


The blogs on this website are written to increase the knowledge, skills and motivation of individuals and communities in promoting wellbeing in others, including their own self-care.


In loving others you need to self-care so you can run your race to the finish

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