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Watch the video or read the course outline below, to learn what is covered in the online Restoring Balance course.

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You will receive free access to the online course ‘How to make a change that sticks’ to prepare you to make changes to restore balance

The course is divided into 3 self-paced modules that lead to the creation of a self-care plan.


  • start envisioning a restored life

Module 1: Avoiding compassion fatigue

Start by understanding burnout and compassion fatigue

  • Identify your warning signs of burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Identify your contributing factors to burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Plan how to deal with contributing factors
  • Complete an assessment of your level of compassion fatigue

Module 2: Health

Move along the continuum by engaging with your health

  • Understand the effect of long term stress
  • Identify and plan to manage your stressors
  • Evaluate your current health
  • Create steps to improve it
  • Add wellness and purpose to your vision for a restored life

Module 3: Self-care:

Keep moving along the continuum back to restored balance by learning and using practical self-care techniques

  • Draw a line to protect work life/balance
  • Consider methods you use to prioritise and identify steps to better prioritise
  • Identify one limit or boundary you will set
  • Develop a strategy to build support
  • Develop a plan to rest
  • Identify what drains your tank, how it feels so you can recognise it, and what fills your tank.

Support to change

Actioning  your vision and self-care plan requires change; change how you think and how you behave. Change is difficult and the process is helped by sharing with others for both support and accountability, which is why as part of the course you have the option of joining a closed Facebook group as a forum to share goals and ideas, problem solve and encourage each other.

As a bonus you receive FREE access to my online course ‘How to make a change that sticks’ to grow you understanding and give you practical tools to help with the change process.

For more support you can also receive tailored individual coaching for four months. Individual coaching consists of a monthly 1 hour Skype call, sending out an agreed goal and action plan, and email access with me to answer questions during business hours with a 24 hour turnaround. I am accredited in the Flinders Program and co-author of ‘My Life – Healthy Living Journal’.  Since every student in the Individual Coaching Package gets personal interaction with me, there are limited spots available.

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In loving others you need to self-care so you can run your race to the finish

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