Compassion fatigue occurs when care givers focus too much on looking after others whilst neglecting their own self-care, creating chronic stress.

The focus of the ‘Restoring balance – avoiding compassion fatigue’ workshop is how to restore balance in the lives of care givers. The workshop is conducted in 2 parts.

Part one ‘compassion fatigue’ covers what it is, the warning signs, contributing factors, and stress. In the second part the focus is on restoring balance exploring self care including looking at boundaries, balancing health, working out priorities and staying the distance.

The workshop is interactive and has many activities. It is not a counselling session but provides tools for self-assessment and self-help only. Workshops can be conducted at a time and venue to suit the organisation by negotiation. The duration is 2 ½ or 3 hours.

See short video below (you can tell by the title on the video its really short!)

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Restoring Balance Women’s Retreat (Adelaide, South Australia Oct 13 and 14)

Give yourself the gift of time.

Retreat and restore balance before the race to Christmas begins. The Restoring Balance Women’s Retreat is designed for women involved in ministry, workplaces or families where they care for others, to take time out of their busy schedule to restore balance in mind, body, soul and spirit.

Restoring Balance connects two imageries – restoration is taking what is tired and worn (does that sound like you!) and renewing and reviving it. Balance is about creating equilibrium, and emotional stability. The joint picture is a flourishing life of health, hope and purpose.

Friday night focuses on journaling and how to create space to hear God, download your emotions, capture insights crowded out by your thoughts and the busyness of your days.

Saturday begins by defining your vision of a restored, balanced life then explores avoiding compassion fatigue, understanding the stress reaction and how to manage it, balancing your available time and energy, health, and finishes with self-care. You will walk away from the retreat with a self-care plan – and lots of resources.

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In loving others you need to self-care so you can run your race to the finish

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