Restoring Balance – Avoiding Compassion Fatigue

What is Restoring Balance?

Restoring Balance connects two images. Restoration is taking what is tired and worn and renewing and reviving it. Balance is about creating equilibrium and emotional stability. The joint picture is a flourishing life of health, hope and purpose.

Burnout and compassion fatigue occurs when care givers focus too much on looking after others whilst neglecting their own self-care, creating chronic stress.

Restoring Balance develops both the big picture vision for your restored life and offers a smorgasbord of options for the small steps and daily decisions to get there. You create a self-care plan in the process of working through the material.

There are three options to participate in Restoring Balance: workshop, retreat or online course.

Restoring Balance Christian Retreat

The Restoring Balance Christian Retreat is designed for Christian’s involved in ministry, workplaces or families where they care for others, to take time out of their busy schedule to restore balance in mind, body, soul and spirit.

The retreat format is a chance to take time out and step away from normal life. Someone else will cook and clean, you will have no interruptions and there will be downtime so bring along something you enjoy like a craft or a crossword puzzle, or you can just sit and be still. There will be time to worship.

Being part of a Restoring Balance Christian Retreat, you will have the benefit of live input from Vicky Legge mixed with group discussion, where you learn from each other and Vicky can weave your stories into what she’s teaching.

Watch the video below to hear Vicky talk about the why choose the retreat format. This was filmed for last years women’s retreat so ignore that name in the title, and that retreat was shorter and so was cheaper. Feedback from last year students has created the longer retreat.

Next retreat is in the Adelaide, South Australia, March 2018

The retreat venue will be Nunyara Conference Centre in the Adelaide Hills. Not only is it a beautiful place with a view over the sunset and the lights of Adelaide, but it is in peaceful surrounds. The name Nunyara means ‘place of healing’. The venue is part of the restoring balance experience.

All accommodation, linen, meals, workbooks and resources are covered in the low price.

Date: Commences with dinner 23rd March 2018, and finishes late afternoon Sunday 25th March

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As a bonus you will receive support to change. You will have FREE access to a short online course ‘How to make a change that sticks’ and have the opportunity to become part of the Restoring Balance Facebook community which can support and hold you accountable to fulfil your vision.

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Restoring Balance online course

If you are not local to Adelaide South Australia or would like to work through the course in your own home in your own time and at your own pace, then the online course is for you. The course is always open for enrolment.

Watch the video or read the course outline below, to learn what is covered in the online Restoring Balance course.

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You will receive free access to the online course ‘How to make a change that sticks’ to prepare you to make changes to restore balance

The course is divided into 3 self-paced modules that lead to the creation of a self-care plan.


  • start envisioning a restored life

Module 1: Avoiding compassion fatigue

Start by understanding burnout and compassion fatigue

  • Identify your warning signs of burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Identify your contributing factors to burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Plan how to deal with contributing factors
  • Complete an assessment of your level of compassion fatigue

Module 2: Health

Move along the continuum by engaging with your health

  • Understand the effect of long term stress
  • Identify and plan to manage your stressors
  • Evaluate your current health
  • Create steps to improve it
  • Add wellness and purpose to your vision for a restored life

Module 3: Self-care:

Keep moving along the continuum back to restored balance by learning and using practical self-care techniques

  • Draw a line to protect work life/balance
  • Consider methods you use to prioritise and identify steps to better prioritise
  • Identify one limit or boundary you will set
  • Develop a strategy to build support
  • Develop a plan to rest
  • Identify what drains your tank, how it feels so you can recognise it, and what fills your tank.

Support to change

Actioning  your vision and self-care plan requires change; change how you think and how you behave. Change is difficult and the process is helped by sharing with others for both support and accountability, which is why as part of the course you have the option of joining a closed Facebook group as a forum to share goals and ideas, problem solve and encourage each other.

As a bonus you receive FREE access to my online course ‘How to make a change that sticks’ to grow you understanding and give you practical tools to help with the change process.

For more support you can also receive tailored individual coaching for four months. Individual coaching consists of a monthly 1 hour Skype call, sending out an agreed goal and action plan, and email access with me to answer questions during business hours with a 24 hour turnaround. I am accredited in the Flinders Program and co-author of ‘My Life – Healthy Living Journal’.  Since every student in the Individual Coaching Package gets personal interaction with me, there are limited spots available.

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‘Restoring balance – avoiding compassion fatigue’ workshop

The focus of the ‘Restoring balance – avoiding compassion fatigue’ workshop is how to restore balance in the lives of care givers. The workshop is conducted in 2 parts.

Part one ‘compassion fatigue’ covers what it is, the warning signs, contributing factors, and stress. In the second part the focus is on restoring balance exploring self care including looking at boundaries, balancing health, working out priorities and staying the distance.

The workshop is interactive and has many activities. It is not a counselling session but provides tools for self-assessment and self-help only. Workshops can be conducted at a time and venue to suit the organisation by negotiation. The duration is half or a full day for more depth.

See short video below (you can tell by the title on the video its really short!)

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